Car Engine Knocking Noise Jamestown NY

Have you been hearing a knocking noise coming from your car engine in Jamestown? Not sure what the problem could be? Get some advice from the Honest Mechanic right here in this article.

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Reader Question

I have a 1999 Saturn Sc2 Coupe. Ive had it for about a year and it has been running great but then I accidentally let it run low on oil and it started making a noise. I took it to get an oil change, they did everything, and the next week the engine started making a knocking noise.

I took it back to the oil shop and they said it sounded like an internal problem with my engine. It only makes the quick knocking sounds when I'm giving it gas. and more towards higher rpms.
What do you think?


Hey there Sam

When an engine runs low on oil or has an internal engine problem it can make a knocking noise. The noise can get louder when the engine RPM's are higher. I would NOT
continue to drive this engine until you get a second opinion.

Make sure you visit a repair shop that is capable of doing internal engine rebuilding or replacing the engine altogether. This can be a BIG job,and you don't want to get a shop that is not competent in this repair.


Austin C. Davis

Reader Follow Up

Thanks for your opinion. so i was driving to a shop and it made a really loud knock and so i pulled over, got it towed to the shop and they said the worst. new engine, $2800, and everything.

So I talked to some friends and one of my buddies has rebuilt an engine before. with the right tools and a manual for the engine and everything, do you think it is advisable to rebuild it ourselves or pay someone else a bunch to do it?

The shop I took it to said it was the whole cylinder that needs replacing which means the whole engine block right? if its just the piston its a lot easier to replace?

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