Car Engine Dies While Driving Plattsburgh NY

Having a car engine die on you while you’re in the middle of driving in Plattsburgh can be very scary. If you are having this problem get started on fixing it right away. Read the following article to learn what to do.

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Reader Question

Not only am I asking for your help, but I will be happy to pay you for your help, if you can fix my problem.

I have a Buick Park Avenue that simply dies in the middle of the road. If you let it set a while, it will start back up and drive perfectly fine. It has been in the Buick house five times, in the Olds house three times, and to at least five other shops. Everyone fixes something and tells me that the problem is fixed, but it still dies in the middle of the road. Nothing seems to make any difference.

I will list some things that have been fixed, but I doubt if I can remember them all:

Timing Chain and Gear

Timing bug

Camshaft Sensor (3 times)

Crankshaft Sensor

Fuel Pump

Intake manifold dye checked

Head Gaskets

Fuel Pump


Ignition Module

Coil Pack

Oxygen Sensor (3 times)

Plugs and wires (2 times in 8,000 miles)

Catalytic Converter

Numerous little parts

Any ideas?

Hello there
Wowowow...they replaced just about everything...except the computer...which might be a good guess at this point.

When you say you have to wait for it to restart….does the engine turn over, but NOT start during this waiting period or does NOTHING happens when you turn the key?

If the engine turns over, but wont start:

The problem you state is pretty common and usually solved by replacing the following

1. Ignition coil and module

2. Crankshaft sensor

I have not had much luck using non GM (A/C Delco) parts on the Ignition module – coil – and crank sensors if these parts are NOT A/C Delco I would probably replace them AGAIN using A/C Delco. You can buy Delco parts at any auto supply store...not just from the dealer.

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