Calling Cards

Calling Cards are an easy way to make phone calls no matter where you are. They are great to use in an emergency, or even from home to keep long distance costs down. There are many different types of prepaid calling cards, and many ways to purchase them.

1. Pinless Dialing

One of the newer features of calling cards is the ability to make multiple phone calls without dialing your pin number over and over. This feature is called Pinless dialing. This very convenient feature works by allowing the user to register their phone number when the card is purchased. They can then place long-distance phone calls without needing to dial an additional pin number.

Pin numbers on a calling card can be very long, and almost impossible to remember. Using a feature such as pinless dialing can save time, especially when one uses calling cards a lot of the time. Some pinless prepaid calling cards also have an added option of being able to be recharged online. Most companies that offer prepaid cards will allow a person to recharge their card 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pinless dialing is much faster than normal dialing and can also save you money. It is a speed dialing service that will work from any phone, including a pay phone, cell phone, or home phone. Buying international calling cards that have the option of pinless dialing can be a great convenience to many people who often use calling cards.

2. Calling Cards and why you should Use Them

A calling card may also be known as a prepaid calling card. This method of calling prepays your phone calls and then gives you a set amount of time to use on long distance calls. These calls may be both international and domestic. When one purchases and uses prepaid calling cards, it can be a great way to save money on long distance phone calls. When using international calling cards, there are no bills from month to month and no statements to follow. Your calls are already paid for in advance, and your balance of minutes goes down with each phone call you make.

Using calling cards is smart for a variety of reasons. First off, using international calling cards is usually much cheaper than using a long distance carrier to make phone calls. They are typically less expensive than even your local phone company. Calling cards are much more inexpensive than dialing a collect call, or even using operator assistance. Using phone cards from a hotel or motel can also let you bypass the system and save you the money the establishment would typically charge for the use of their phone services. Best of all, prepaid calling cards allow you to control your budget for phone calls simply and efficiently. Paying for time in advance means always knowing what you are paying for.

3. Buying a Calling Card

Buying prepaid calling cards can be very easy to do. They are found in many different places and can be bought at an inexpensive price. The easiest way is to find them is on the Internet. There are many companies that offer calling cards through their company, and you can use a debit or credit card, or sometimes an online check, to purchase minutes. Most online companies offer a rates tab that you can use to find the country that you will be calling the most. You can then adjust your spending accordingly.

Other ways to buy international calling cards include purchasing them at a store. Almost every major retailer and super center sells prepaid calling cards, as well as smaller drugstores and even some dollar stores. These may be more expensive than buying them online, however, so be sure to check the different rates and comparison shop before you buy prepaid calling cards and international calling cards.

If you shop at a super-center that requires a fee to be a member of, you may also find great rates for calling cards in their stores. It is worth checking into to see how much you could save over buying them elsewhere.

4. Who uses Prepaid Calling Cards?

Phone cards have become increasingly popular as rising costs for phone service continually rise. The cost of a collect call is extremely high in most cases. Long distance calling can add up quickly, especially if you are not careful and spend more time on the phone than you planned. Using prepaid calling cards can help out many people, especially those on a fixed or limited budget.

Calling cards are great for students, either in high school or college. Having a prepaid phone card can be one expense that a student does not have to worry about. Military families often use calling cards, whether it is the soldier calling home from deployment or a family member calling across the country. Many people now opt to buy calling cards to make regular long distance calls from home, instead of paying their local phone company every month for having long distance service. There are many people who know that using prepaid calling cards can be affordable as well as easy.

Calling cards are a great idea for emergencies, in case you are in a situation with no change or a pay phone. You never know when a cell phone might have a dead battery and you need to use a pay phone. Phone cards are a perfect thing to have in one's wallet for an emergency phone call.

5. International Calling Cards and the Military

Those who are in the military or who have loved ones in the military know the value of calling cards. International calling cards are a necessity for those who have a family member deployed, either at war or just overseas. Calling cards are one of the main forms of communication that soldiers use when calling home from deployments. Getting a great number of minutes for a good price can be very important in these situations, as prepaid calling cards are essential to a soldier.

There are many companies that offer prepaid calling cards targeted towards military and their family members, with international rates and great rates as well. One of these places is The Department of Defense Military Exchanges. They are authorized to sell prepaid calling cards not only to service members and their dependants, but also to anyone who wants to buy cards to send to loved ones or anyone overseas. These cards offer the best value when used from phone centers in deployed areas overseas as opposed to ones you can buy just anywhere.

There are many other companies that can be found online that offer better rates for their international calling cards for those who will be using them to call from overseas and deployed areas. Looking into these cards can save the user much money while giving them the most minutes to talk.

6. Phone Cards for Completing Surveys

An interesting yet little known way to receive a phone card is by signing up for one on the Internet and then completing surveys to earn minutes. All you need to do is find an Internet company that provides this service and these can easily be found online. Signing up for these sites is usually free and easy. After you sign up, the site will send you your phone card's number via email, as well as the pin. You will almost always get a certain amount of minutes just for signing up, for free.

Then, you will have the ability to earn minutes towards your phone card. You can do this by visiting certain sites, filling out surveys, requesting free trials, and clicking on links. Each time you will earn minutes on your calling card balance. For those who love to shop online, they can earn minutes by spending money at online stores through the phone center's site, usually a certain amount of minutes per dollar spent. Most companies also let you earn free minutes by referring friends to their site.

The best part of these types of calling cards is that they work on any phone, at anytime. Use them at a payphone, from your home or cell phone, anywhere you would typically use long distance service. Many people have earned hundreds of long distance minutes all for free for taking a little time to use the services on the applicable websites.

7. Important Factors of Prepaid Calling Cards

There are many important factors that need to be remembered when using calling cards. Different issues can cause your minutes to go down, so it is important to understand just what you are going to be paying on it. For example, you must pay attention to the billing increments on prepaid calling cards, as this is the unit, or minute, in which your call will be rounded to. An example of this is if your card is billed in 3 minute increments. A call that lasts between 0 and 3 minutes will be billed to your card at 3 minutes. A communication fee may be a fee added just for each use of the card. This example would be a 15 minute phone call that is actually charged 16 minutes; one extra minute for the communication fee.

A connection fee may also be applied every time a connection is made using international calling cards. This can be done by someone picking up the phone, or if an answering machine or answering service answers. Even if it is a wrong number, a connection charge will be applied. Using calling cards at a payphone often result in a payphone surcharge, meaning a set amount of minutes will be deducted from your card because you used a pay phone.

It is also important to realize that some prepaid calling cards come with an expiration date. Any unused minutes left on the calling cards when the time is up will not be accessible.

8. Calling Card Glossary

There are many terms that are associated with the use of international calling cards and prepaid calling cards. Your PIN number, also known as personal identification number, is the number that you will need to verify your identity when using your calling cards. A maintenance fee may be applied at any pre-determined time intervals for the use of the card, generally by the month. A carrier is the telephone company that provides a service for those using a phone, such as a cell phone or a land line.

A country code is used when one makes international calls, and is generally a two or three digit number. The destination number is the number that you are dialing. If you are prompted to enter your destination number on a calling card call, enter the number of whoever you are trying to reach. Directory Assistance, which may also be known as information, is a service offered that provides operators who can help you find a specific phone number or address. An area code is the three digit number that is found before a number, usually in the United States. Many areas require the area code to be dialed before the number to make a telephone call.

9. Benefits to using a Calling Card

There are many other benefits to using prepaid calling cards. For one, most calling cards are rechargeable. That means you can set them up with a recurring limit and have minutes added on automatically at certain time limits. This can be done either through your credit or debit card or with a bank account. This may also be known as an auto-charge and your balance can be added to it if it hits a certain amount. For example, if your minute balance goes down to $5, you can have your card set to automatically add $25.

Another great aspect of using prepaid calling cards is that calls made from them are generally cheaper than using a long distance company with which you are not familiar. This is great if you are calling from a hotel or other private phone system. Calling cards are a great thing to have either in your wallet, purse, car or home, as they can really save you time and money on long distance phone calls.
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