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Business cards are supposed to be the reflection of the business, it gives a lasting impression on the client and one should not forget that first impression is the last impression.

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Business cards are considered to be the first easiest step to promote a business organization, it is also considered to be the first and foremost representative of the organization, just because of the business card, client would come to know about the nature of the business, experience in the field, competency and many other things.

Business cards are supposed to be the reflection of the business, it gives a lasting impression on the client and one should not forget that first impression is the last impression. Business cards should be simple yet attractive, it has to be top class in printing, the gloss, the layout design, the content among other things, and one can be easily distinguish the core of the business from the other rival. It is an undeniable fact to which you are going to present your business cards is more likely to remember you and your business.

Before you send your business card for printing, it is important and advisable to have the design of the business card ready, since money is involved in printing it is necessary to review all the aspects thoroughly before the card is produced negligent mistake either with the content or design would affect the business and the image in the market. All business cards are coated from both the sides, only the facia of the card where the printing is done has to be gloss or matt finish, it’s an individual choice, they also differ in thickness, coating whether glossy or semi-gloss or entire matt finish, the thickness of the business card varies from 18 microns to 25 microns, the other aspect not to be neglected is the quality of the ink, it has to be of good quality and should not spread during monsoon or with the frequent touch while exchanging, since business cards are both tear able and non-tear able.

Last but not the least, the content, since business card are supposed to be the mirror of the organization, much importance should be given to the content. The content of the business card should be simple, attractive and understandable, it is important to have your name, job, title, company name, address, contact numbers, website information, company logo etc,all these factors has to be properly scrutinized the content of the business card.
Some printing companies offer printing business cards on a recycled paper, if one is eco friendly or has much concern of the environment this is the option though it may cost you, but helps the environment indirectly. The size of the business card in Canada or for that matter all over the world is 3.5 to 2 inches standard. Business card is the most effective tool for business marketing.

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Looking for high-quality, glossy Business Cards and include full color on one or two sides. All Business Cards in Toronto is coated on both sides for the most professional writeable gloss finish.

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