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When you're building a house, an office building, or any other kind of structure meant for general use, it's always a bonus to make that building look good. There are a lot of ways to do that - stone, cedar shakes, even log construction - but nothing gives such a sense of down home small town stability and big city commercialism than classic brickwork.

1 . Local Companies

Colonie Masonry Corp of Albany Inc
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Jc Structures
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600 Consaulus Ave
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Central Masonry & Chimney
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Golden Gate Developers Inc
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1134 Catalyn St
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Block Construction Corp
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552 Notre Dame St
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Northeastern Chimney & Stove
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Stone Wall Masonry Inc
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140 Hillcrest Ave
Schenectady, NY

2 . What, Exactly, Is Brickwork?

Whether you're designing floors, a brick wall, or any other kind of brickwork, it would definitely be useful to know some of the background behind what brickwork is and how its laid. We all recognize a brick wall, of course, when we see one, but what exactly goes into building that brick wall? Well, let's start with the bricks: bricks are baked from a special brick mud in giant oven-like kilns before they are shipped out to be used in construction. When laid, they are placed in orderly bonds and set in place by the use of mortar. Practically speaking, this means that bricks don't have a particularly high tensile strength - an individual brick, like a small chunk of concrete, will crumble fairly easy.

Brick work and brick walls rely instead on compression strength, of which bricks have a great deal. An arch built with bricks, for instance, is a very strong one and can carry a very heavy load. There are several different bonds, designed variously for shape, strength, and appearance; the most common is called the stretcher bond - bricks laid out end to end and alternating. A few others, such as Flemish bond and English bond, are laid out in varying patterns with some bricks end to end and some end outwards. This makes for a varied pattern that is pleasing to the eye. The width of a brick wall is measured by the bricks used - a standard wall with one layer of bricks laid in a stretcher bond is half a brick thick, since bricks are half as wide across as they are long.

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3 . Stylistic Brick Work Terminology

There are a few different terms you should be familiar with if you plan to use brick work yourself, or have your builder use it in a home or other type of building in a construction project. Whether building flooring or a brick wall, a bricklayer uses many of the same techniques. For instance, a slightly different style than normal is called "rowlock," or in the U.K., "brick on edge." This style of brick work is where bricks are laid on their sides, so the short end of the brick is on the outside and vertical. This is often used in garden projects. The equivalent style to this is "soldier," where bricks are laid vertically, with the narrow long side outwards. Sometimes "standing soldiers" - bricks laid flush with the wall - are alternated with "walking soldiers" - bricks protruding about an inch - for an interesting textural style.

A "sailor" is brick laid on end, but with the broad side exposed. A "shiner" has the broad face exposed, but is laid lengthwise. Another stylistic technique you may have seen are "coins" - bricks that project from the wall slightly on the corners of a building, to define and enhance the shape of a building. All these styles are viable options in your building projects, so think about them and discuss them if need be with your brick layer and / or contractor.

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4 . Why Build With Bricks?

There are three good reasons to build with brick: durability, climate, and aesthetics. First, durability: brick work is built strong and built to last. Some of the oldest buildings in North America are made of brick, and your home could itself be one of these in a century or two - unless, of course, you don't build with brick and your home crumbles in a century or so. Brick is built to last, and as such, provides a great way of ensuring quality in your construction needs.

Second, climate. Brick has some properties very much like stone, which lend greatly to your ability to insulate your home. First, brick is appropriate for any climate: it's resistant to fire, moisture, and pests - try having a termite eat a brick! - and is sturdily resistant to damage. Brick is almost completely maintenance free, not requiring the sort of excessive cleaning and painting regular sideboards so often demand. Brick also has a high "thermal mass" - in other words, it insulates very well, keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and resisting rapid temperature changes that can damage other construction types. If you're looking to save on utility bills, brick may well be the way to go.

Thirdly and not least: aesthetics. Let's face it - brick just looks great, and you're not the only one that thinks so. Statistically speaking, brick homes have a higher resale value on today's house market, and as they stand up longer (the first point, durability), they retain their value far better than normal homes. So, if you're looking for one or all these three things in your home, you may well want to consider building with bricks.

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