Breast Ptosis Hempstead NY

Are sagging breasts dragging down your self-esteem? Breast ptosis, or the natural sagging of the breasts that occurs with age, can be a source of embarrassment and induce self-consciousness for many women.

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Breast Ptosis

Author: Evan Langsted

Are sagging breasts dragging down your self-esteem? Breast ptosis, or the natural sagging of the breasts that occurs with age, can be a source of embarrassment and induce self-consciousness for many women.

While all perky, youthful breasts inevitably lose their shape and volume, technological advances have provided women with a surgical solution to restore their breasts to a younger, more vibrant appearance.

Why Your Breasts Are Drooping

Breast ptosis is a natural occurrence. The same force that cements our bodies to the Earth causes breast skin and ligaments to stretch, eventually resulting in breast sagging.

In addition to gravity, other factors that can lead to breast ptosis include:

• Pregnancy – In order to prepare for breastfeeding, bodies produce milk in the breasts, which causes an enlargement of breast glands. Following childbirth, gland size is normalized, but may differ from previous proportions

• Drastic weight loss – For women who undergo drastic and/or sudden weight loss, breast tissues that once provided support may shrink with the numbers on the scale

• Hereditary factors – Genetics may play a role in teenagers suffering from premature breast ptosis

Restoring Breast Volume

The most effective way to counteract breast ptosis and restore your breasts to their youthful shape and volume is through mastopexy, or a breast lift.

Plastic surgeons have many tools at their disposal in order to address breast sagging, including:

• Reducing breast skin

• Tightening breast skin

• Inserting breast implants

• Repositioning the nipple

Each individual breast ptosis case is different. For some women, a surgical solution may involve a handful of hours and be completed under local anesthesia; others may endure a multiple day hospital stay and require general anesthesia. What it boils down to is your goals, expectations and current breast conditions.

Candidacy for Mastopexy

If your breast ptosis is dragging down your self-esteem, it may be worthwhile to consult with an experienced breast surgeon and discuss your options. Typically, a breast lift can correct the following problems associated with breast ptosis:

• Unaesthetic stretch marks

• A bra being required in order to prevent breasts from sagging

• Reduction in breast firmness

• Breasts are elongated

• Downward facing nipples

• Breasts are disproportionate to the body

In order to qualify, it is recommended that you are a non-smoker, have finished childbearing and are not planning weight loss. Additionally, insurance companies typically will not finance surgery for cosmetic purposes, so you should be financially prepared to bear the brunt of associated medical bills.

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If you are suffering from breast ptosis and live in the Chicago, Illinois area, please visit the website Illinois plastic surgeon, Dr. Otto J. Placik of Associated Plastic Surgeons, S.C.

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