Bladder Infection Precautions Howard Beach NY

If you wish to reduce the risk of acquiring bladder infections, then follow the given below instructions in your day to day activities.

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Author: Robert Henry

The rate of urinary tract infection is higher among women than in men. The female anatomy makes the women all the susceptible to bladder infections due to short size of urethra. The infection enters into the body through the vagina which is connected to the bladder through urethra. Initially, the bacterium resides near the anus and moves towards the vagina due to improper hygiene of genital parts.

You can prevent the infliction of bladder infections among girls by following the given below instructions.

1. You should clean yourself from vagina to anus during the bowel movements. Most of the women wipe themselves in a back to front motion that increases the risk of urinary tract infections. Hence, the cleaning process should be in a front to back manner.

2. Mothers should remove the diapers of their infant girls after every few hours because a soiled diaper increases the risk of urinary infection.

3. You should make sure that you clean your genital parts thoroughly while taking a bath. Thus, the infections will be cleaned as soon as possible.

4. You should discourage bubble bath with scented oils, since the chemicals can dry your genital parts and irritate the bladder leading to infections.

5. If you love to swim, and then make sure that you change the clothes as soon as possible because the damp genital parts can increase the risk of bladder infections.

6. You shouldn't wear nylon undergarments. Nylon prohibits the breathing of genital parts. Hence, you should purchase cotton undergarments for yourself.

7. You should drink plenty of water so that the urinary bladder remains active and discourages the multiplication of the infectious syndrome.

8. You can also consult a doctor and consume cranberry juice as a precaution against urinary bladder infection.

Hence, you should follow the above instructions in order to avoid the infliction of bladder infections.

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Robert Henry is connoisseur in the field of medication. He has been writing some amazing articles on bladder infections, symptoms and cures of the disease. His knowledgeable articles have brought amazing changes in the lives of several individuals.

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