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Billboards are outdoor marketing tools that are marketed toward consumers among the general public. They come in many forms, and have been around for over 100 years. As technology improves, so does the quality of billboards.

1 . Local Companies

Public Private Corp
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East Greenbush, NY
Five Boro Flag Banner & Sign Inc
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22034 Jamaica Ave
Queens Village, NY
Park Outdoor Advertising of New York
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2516 Corning Rd
Horseheads, NY
Kubin-Nicholson Corp
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60 E 42nd St Rm 812
New York, NY
Lamar Advertising
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4313 Cook Rd
Troupsburg, NY
Allees Sign Co
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24 Blume Rd
Ferndale, NY
Park Outdoor Advertising
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543 Oriskany St W
Utica, NY
Lang Media Inc
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987 New Loudon Rd
Cohoes, NY
Lamar Advertising Co
(518) 783-7784
2 Airport Park Blvd
Latham, NY
Advertising Advantage
(716) 664-7707
24 E 3rd St
Jamestown, NY

2 . What is a Billboard?

A billboard is a very large advertisement method used on major highways and busy streets to promote many different areas of products, companies, and people. They are typically situated in high traffic areas, so they will be visible to mostly vehicle traffic. They are also used in cities to promote businesses and products to both pedestrians and traffic. Billboards are used widely because of their great size. They can be visible from quite far away, allowing the driver ample time to read what is being advertised. Billboards can be used for many different areas of advertising. Many are for a product; some are for a business. Some are even rented to proclaim a personal message for a specific person, such as a birthday wish.

There are many types of billboards, all of which are used all over the world. There are traditional billboards, digital billboards, mechanical billboards, and mobile billboards. Each one has a unique way of advertising their product or person. Billboards are especially popular because they can be custom designed to the buyer's specifications. Sizes of billboards vary, but typically run about 14 feet high and 48 feet wide. This size can vary greatly, however, due to many different factors. Billboards are popular because of the large lettering used on them, making them nearly impossible to miss.

3 . Billboard Advertising and Placement

The main point of advertising on a billboard is to quickly grab a driver's attention through various means of quality advertising strategies. The most notable areas for billboards to be set up are on busy highways and streets. They can be very useful, as many fuel and food stops are advertised on billboards, thus letting a driver know where his or her next stop could be. These work especially well for businesses in small towns that generally don't get many customers. Another placement trick is to set them on long highways and state turnpikes, as drivers don't have much to see or occupy their time with as they drive. With less distraction around them, drivers can focus more on what the billboards say.

Other good placement sites for advertising billboards are at stop signs and stop lights. This is so the driver has an even longer chance to look at and read what the billboard is advertising. There are literally thousands of billboards erected in the United States alone each year. For each new product or shop, a billboard is sure to be seen for it.

Billboards are often hung in different places, especially in highly populated cities such as New York City. They may be hung off the side of a building or placed on top of one. This allows the maximum amount of advertising possible for a crowded area.

4 . Billboard Advertising Costs

Advertising on a billboard can be an effective and money-saving way for many people and businesses to advertise their services or products. Compared to other means of advertising, a billboard can be a very cost-efficient way to advertise. But how much does a typical billboard cost to put up, and is it really worth it?

The cost of putting up a billboard can vary greatly. But the average figure can run anywhere from $600 to $2,500 a month. While it may sound like a lot, it is comparable to ads run in major newspapers or phone books. The biggest advantage is that a billboard is advertising for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to a large number of people. In that sense, it is definitely worth the money to advertise on a billboard.

Billboard costs, of course, depend on what is on the billboard to begin with. The amount of information and graphics on a billboard will affect the cost, as well as how long you want the billboard in place. Typically, billboards are rented on a month-to-month basis. Technology has come a long way, however, in the creation of billboards. A typical advertisement is made on a computer, printed, blown up, and then glued to the billboard itself. Compared to the hand painting of years past, a timely and expensive process, it is a lot less costly to design a billboard today.
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