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The bathroom is the first thing you see at first light. You usually spend a lot of time in it. Small wonder it's called the new retreat.

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Author: Richard Dinae

The bathroom is the first thing you see at first light. You usually spend a lot of time in it. Small wonder it's called the new retreat. As such, it is important that you devote some planning in choosing the right quality bathroom furniture to contribute to a wonderful bath-and-other personal-ritual (like reading) experience.

For starters, bear in mind that there is usually a focal point or key color which pulls together the other elements. For example, a minimalist bathroom design that uses black as central motif (like a black aluminum wall-mounted countertop cabinet) that can be complemented by white ceramic basin and a matching black vertical side cabinet and mirror can look sleek. If you opt for a shot of color, like light cool green color, use similar hues (a wee bit lighter or darker) for the chairs, trimming, and other additional items that will go inside your bathroom. Remember to use shades that are so similar to the original wall colors that the contrast is very slight.

If money is not an object (or even if it is), you can glean some beautiful and stylish quality bathroom furnishing ideas at special prices - from some online sites. Almost important bathroom furniture is the vanity cabinet, which can harmonize various disparate elements. There are modern-day double vanity sets with fully assembled sturdy oak drawers with stone countertop and wall cabinet flanked by mirrors. There are also single vanity cabinets in solid classic style with granite countertop that are designed as part of most aesthetically designed yet functionally laid out homes.

Cabinets do much in creating a spic and span bathroom. Before investing on a bathroom cabinet, know your bathroom's exact size. Impulsive shoppers who buy a bathroom furniture that catches their fancy without considering how it may or may not fit in one's bathroom (in terms of both size and design) may be wasting money. Customized furniture is all the rage, but sees to it that modern accessories and designer furniture that you add go well with other elements in the bathroom. An artistically designed vanity stool with a matching towel rack, for instance, may complement an utterly feminine modern bathroom. There are many kinds and designs of stool and anyone with a keen eye will see whether it's suited for a roomy or space-constrained bathroom.

As for other important fixtures and accessories for the bathroom, simple towel bars and chrome rings, and mirrors must be part of your checklist. Framed mirrors are particularly suited for country-theme or Victorian-inspired bathrooms.

Overall, it can be fun to furnish your bathroom, especially when you do it right. The secret is to opt for quality and long-lasting material, and a design that will add positive chi. For the finishing touches, your bathroom must not only look beautiful and clean but smell nice, too. Soothe your senses with a pretty and invigorating pot of potpourri of your favorite scent such as dried fruit or flower buds which you can later on touch up with a few drops of refreshing oil may create wonderful effect on your senses.

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