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Baby slings let the mother or father use both hands for others things. When it is worn properly, a baby sling relieves back and shoulder pain.

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Baby Slings: Are There Advantages to Wearing Your Baby?

Author: David Cummings

Baby slings are a convenient way to do other things while holding your baby. Your baby gets the nurturing she needs and you get things done. You can go shopping or clean the house. You can stop at a restaurant to eat and your baby can be happy in the baby sling. Baby slings are so practical and they just make it a lot easier to take care of the older brothers and sisters when you know your baby is well taken care of and very close by as well. Baby slings make it possible to breastfeed discreetly and do many other things at the same time.

Some babies get tense or they arch their backs and baby slings make breastfeeding easier in those cases. The supportive headrest will help with breastfeeding. Studies have shown that babies grow better when they are touched and stay in close contact to their parents. This close contact helps them release certain hormones that have this growth effect, which is involved in developing their nervous systems and in proper weight gain. And being near mom helps them eat more, which is good for babies with problems gaining weight.

Baby slings let the mother or father use both hands for others things. When it is worn properly, a baby sling relieves back and shoulder pain. Your baby also gets a better view of the world. Baby slings can help lessen arm pain if your baby is heavy for you. Your baby will tend to be less fussy and more alert and quiet because of closeness to her parent. Baby slings are easier to use in crowded public areas than strollers. The baby sling can be put in the diaper bag for storage when not in use as well.

Babies, especially newborns, really want to be in the comfort of the womb. It is what they are used to and it makes them feel secure. That is why baby slings are so comforting to the baby. When worn in the front the infant can hear the parent's heart beat and the baby sling lets the baby snuggle up close to the parent. The infant can feel the mother or father's breathing too. All of these things make the baby feel comforted. The weightlessness and the womb like feeling are familiar to the baby.

Carrying the baby in the baby sling often promotes the baby and you learning each other's cues and it helps bonding. It helps them learn to talk as they hear more conversations. They experience more, which helps their cognitive development.

It may take some time for the parent's to get comfortable using the baby sling, but you'll want to overcome that issue, as baby slings are so useful and good for you and your baby. It takes patience and a bit of practice to learn how to put your baby in the baby sling securely. The operation will be more easily accomplished if your baby has had enough sleep and is fed before hand. Once you are used to using the sling then you can have fun trying the different positions of the baby sling. The different positions are chest-to-chest hold, the cradling position, sit up facing front, the hip straddle, back riding, and the kangaroo carry.

Enjoy the many benefits of baby slings. Your baby will show you his or her happiness by growing and thriving.

About the Author:

Learn more about baby slings and find out why baby slings may be a great choice for your child. David Cummings is General Manager of Bustling Baby, a business devoted to providing baby mobility, comfort, and convenience to active families.

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