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Just mention the word 'telemarketing,' and eyes begin to roll. Telemarketing has a somewhat negative reputation, but the truth is, in the business world B2B telemarketing is one of the most effective remotely executed methods available to generate leads, schedule appointments, and lay a foundation for new business relationships. There are many profitable companies that exist solely to conduct and manage various types of telemarketing campaigns for their business clients and there are call center specialists available for virtually every type of business. In lieu of outsourcing your business's B2B telemarketing needs, B2B telemarketing can be done successfully inhouse by trained employees and would require dedication to creating a measurable campaign strategy.

1 . Local Companies

A C Promotions
(212) 627-4244
100 W 14th St
New York, NY
Lincoln Center for The Performing Arts Inc New York Philharmonic
(212) 875-5656
10 Lincoln Center Plz
New York, NY
Rocco Telemarketing
(888) 548-5102
295 Pleasant Ave
New York, NY
GoldenPen Ink Writing Services
(917) 386-8105
142-02 185 Street
Queens, NY
Subscription Services North Inc.
24 S. Front St.
Bergenfield, NJ
Superior Telemarketing
(800) 879-4176
45 main st
brooklyn, NY
J L Associates
(212) 874-2835
56 W 84th St
New York, NY
New York Philharmonic Telemarketing
(212) 875-5900
132 W 65th St
New York, NY
Future Interactive Communications Systems
(917) 613-4871
144 New York Ave
Freemont, NY
Georgesan Shareholder
(212) 805-7000
17 State Street
New York, NY

2 . What is B2B Telemarketing?

The design and purpose of B2B telemarketing is very different from that of 'telesales.' The negative connotation associated with telemarketing is often due to its confusion with telesales. Although telesales is a form of telemarketing, telesales is typically used in the business world to sell a product or service-or essentially close a sale. The telesales call is not successful if a sale is not generated and completed during the call. B2B telemarketing is different in that the purpose is to generate interest, encourage additional contact, and build strong B2B relationships and calls are typically made directly to the decision makers within the potential or existing client's organization. Depending upon the desired results of your B2B telemarketing campaign, outbound B2B telemarketing callers can attempt to entice the recipient of the call into wanting to hear more about your product or service, or they might try to schedule a follow up visit with a company representative to discuss the potential client's needs, as they pertain to your business, in more detail.

B2B telemarketing agents often make contact to gather information from clients or potential clients in order to improve their own processes and procedures. These types of calls are often referred to as telemarketing surveys. The results of telemarketing surveys are often instrumental in improving company policies, procedures, and strategic decisions.

3 . Beginning a Successful B2B Telemarketing Campaign

Building a B2B telemarketing team and creating a campaign strategy inhouse is a lengthy and complex project, but it can also yield very positive results. Outsourcing your telemarketing endeavors is often a less costly option and there are a variety of companies that provide a variety of telemarketing services that range from just making a scripted call that you provide to designing a successful telemarketing campaign from concept to completion.

The first step in designing your telemarketing campaign, regardless of whether you choose to use your own staff or outsource the mission to one of the many companies that provide telemarketing services, is knowing what results you would like to achieve. Knowing the purpose and expected outcome of your B2B marketing campaign will help guide you, if you execute inhouse, or better inform the outsource company of what it is you want to achieve so that they can better represent your company and your intentions to the businesses they call.

If you plan on carrying out your telemarketing campaign inhouse, there are many other facets to consider, procedures to define and things to do before the first call is made. The source you will use to create your call list needs to be identified. The software that will best store, maintain, and provide necessary reporting functions must be defined (and possibly purchased and/or added to your existing infrastructure), the need for a physical call center environment should be acknowledged and staff must be well trained.

4 . Learning to Pave Your Own B2B Telemarketing Path

The decision to use internal staff for a B2B telemarketing campaign is common, in part due to your own staff's intimate familiarity with your particular business. Many business owners just don't trust a company that provides B2B telemarketing services to represent their company as well as their own employees.

Unless their particular type of business is providing B2B telemarketing services, most business owners and executives do not have the expertise, or are just unaware of the details and techniques that result in creating a successful B2B telemarketing call center. However, building an internal outbound call center has its advantages, including the fact that the callers will be more familiar with the inner workings of your company and in a better position to respond to questions or comments in the most appropriate manner.

There are several ways to gain the knowledge necessary to create a B2B telemarketing campaign from start to finish. Seminars and workshops offer the opportunity to exchange ideas with others and ask questions specific to your business situation. They also present one of the quickest ways to get all the information necessary, enabling you to begin the campaign sooner. There are also many books written on the topic, and several have earned industry favor for presenting a reliable and detailed plan to follow that accomplishes the desired results.
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