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Need some transmission advice in Plattsburgh from an honest mechanic? You’ve come to the right place because this Q&A is deals with another car owner’s transmission issues. Here you’ll find a discussion on whether the car owner’s mechanic made mistakes putting the transmission back in the car after fixing a main seal leak.

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Reader Question

I recently had a leaking rear main seal, that I got repaired for about $1000. About three days after the mechanic fixed this, I was driving on the highway and my engine started over revving, and not moving everywhere. I don't know anything about cars really, but that seems to me like they screwed up pretty bad putting the transmission and the engine back together.

The mechanic gave me a 20,000 mile warranty for the rear main seal. So my question is should I be paying at all for this new repair? Keep in mind I have never before had a transmission problem, and I don't see how it could be anything other than a mistake on their part.

Hi Pat,

Depending on what type of car this is, the transmission most likely had to come out of the vehicle to replace the seal. That’s not good news, since you now have a transmission issue. I would first check the transmission fluid level, and hopefully it is low....which would mean you have a transmission leak and the fluid was pumped out as you drove.

Fixing a transmission fluid leak might be something simple and easy. So, I would contact the mechanic who installed the seal and let them have a look at it. If the fluid level is fine, then it might be something serious inside the transmission....although normally the transmission just dropped back from the engine and you replace the seal and re-install the transmission.

There really should not have been much they could have done to the transmission, unless they did something out of the ordinary. Since it took 3 days to produce a problem....I'm praying it's just a low fluid issue and they fix the leak they created.

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