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The car owner featured in this article is having shifting problems in his 1995 Dodge Intrepid. He asks about why his car is having trouble shifting from reverse to drive and what to do. Find out what the Honest Mechanic says so that if you ever have this problem in Monroe you’ll know just what to do.

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Reader Question: I have a 1995 Dodge Intrepid 3.3 liter engine, front wheel drive, 42LE stock automatic transaxle. It has an Automatic Transmission problem.

The problem occurs when I shift from reverse to drive. When the transmission shifts from first to second it shudders, delays shifting and when it does shift, it jerks badly.

This only happens when I shift from reverse to drive. If I'm already in drive the transmission shifts normally.

The transmission fluid levels are fine and the fluid does not look burnt. This only happens when the transmission has warmed up.

What could be the problem?

Hi there,

I am not a transmission mechanic, but I would first check the transmission fluid level. Low fluid levels can cause shifting issues like you are having. I really have a feeling this problem is caused by internal transmission wear and not much is going to be done unless the transmission comes out of the vehicle for inspection.

I would visit at least 3 local transmission shops in your area and have them take a test drive with you. I would get them to give you a worst-case scenario estimate, I.E. a complete overhaul, so you can compare prices and what actual work will be performed.

I see people who get quoted a low figure as an initial estimate for repair but then once the transmission is out of the vehicle and spread all over the transmission shop floor they are given a much larger estimate for a complete overhaul.

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