Automatic Transmission Flush Oswego NY

Do you know what a transmission flush? Would you know if your car in Oswego needed one? In this Q&A the owner of a 2003 Ford Taurus asks if getting his car’s transmission flushed as recommended by the dealership was a good idea.

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Reader Question: I have a 2003 Ford Taurus with 63,000 miles on it. It never had a problem. The shifter cable went and is being replaced. The dealership also recommended a transmission flush, which they did.

Now I am hearing that I should not have done the flush. What is your opinion? It has never been flushed before - I think- or if it was it was done at 24,000 miles.

Thank you.


Hi Frank,

If you were not experiencing a transmission problem, like slipping or jerking when shifting and the flush was performed routine maintenance you are probably fine. Most people cause MORE problems for themselves when they flush the transmission fluid or change the transmission filter when they ARE experiencing a transmission problem.

I am assuming the dealership was just trying to put you back on track for routine transmission services when they offered to flush your transmission. There is a huge debate about weather flushing the system or dropping the transmission pan and replacing the filter inside the transmission the old-fashioned way is better.

Personally, I am old-fashioned and we still replace the transmission filter inside, but flushing the fluid is better than not doing anything at all.

Ford automatic transmissions are notoriously weak and in my opinion tend to fail more often and need overhauls more than other manufacturers so keeping on track with routine transmission services is in your best interest.

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