Approach For Congenital Spine Condition Newburgh NY

Obviously a congenital condition or a spinal condition really puts you behind the 8 ball. A condition you are born with is most likely going to be with you throughout your entire life.

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Obviously a congenital condition or a spinal condition really puts you behind the 8 ball. A condition you are born with is most likely going to be with you throughout your entire life. Sounds real depressing. But for every down there is an up or for every negative there is a positive. At least that's been my philosophy when it comes to combating, eliminating and managing my own back pain and spinal stenosis.

If you suffer with a spinal condition, explore all your options for treatment and pain managment. Ask your doctor or chiropractor about the newest technologies or advancements.

Seek the advice of a medically licensed osteopath physican who is knowledgable about chiropractic care as well as several forms of alternative medicine for all kinds of spinal conditions.

You may even want to seek the advice of a naturopathic physician who can open your eyes to some home-based herbal or homeopathic remedies and perhaps devise an optimum nutrition plan pertaining to your own specific circumstances.

Surgery should always be a last resort to your back pain solution. If you are thinking about surgery, always ask your doctor about the potential dangers and risks. Don't just rely on one opinion from your doctor either. Get at least 2-3 opinions before taking such a huge step.

Also, if you decide to have surgery, you must have realistic expectations about the outcome. Understand that back surgery may only offer a temporary solution and have a longer recovery time compared to other types of surgery. Don't get discouraged if it takes several months for discs, bones and especially nerves to heal completely after surgery.

Do not underestimate the power of nutrition for relieving your back pain even if you suffer with a congenital spine condition. Eating the proper balance of Omega-3's and Omega-6's will help reduce pain and inflammation throughout your back naturally. Excellent sources of Omega-3's include salmon, herring, mackerel, cashews, almonds, and leafy greens.

A diet rich in a variety of different colored fruits and vegetables will give your body the anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals it needs for guarding against infection and speeding up the healing process in damaged areas.

You should limit your intake of refined sugars and flours. These will increase your insulin levels which have a tendency to increase the level of "bad" prostaglandins in your body. Prostaglandins are somewhat similar to a hormone that are sent to damaged areas in the body in order to attract white blood cells. This is a good thing, however, too many prostaglandins can cause severe pain and inflammation.

Be sure to drink lots of water for healthy disks, joints and soft tissue. So many people suffer from chronic dehydration and don't even know it. Just as arthritis sufferers' joints deteriorate, so do back pain sufferers' disks when hydration is insufficient. Disks that lose water eventually lose their buoyancy and structure increasing the risk for herniations.

Be sure to take a good multi-vitamin/mineral that contains Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Vitamin K, Boron, and Vitamin C just to name a few.

Do not underestimate the power of strengthtraining. Postmenopausal women, especially, should be very concerned about maintaining strong bones. Strengthtraining is a great way to increase bone strength and density that will last for a lifetime.

You should also treat your back or spinal condition as a challenge or even motivation to work especially hard toward relieving your back pain. Be as knowledgable as you can and humble about your own particular spinal condition but also be defiant that it is going to rule your life.

In a way your back must take center stage in your daily thoughts especially if you suffer with a condition or spinal disorder. You have to be thinking about what you are doing to your back each and everyday as far as the way you sit, stand, twist, or move at all. You must always be keenly aware of the dangers and risks that any behaviors or actions can impose on your back.

At the same time you must be willing and motivated to make the necessary sacrifices and improvements for the sake of your overall spine health

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