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In a time when the cost of living is higher than ever, we look for easy and affordable ways to get us by. We try to buy cheap products in the market in hope to save some money.

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In a time when the cost of living is higher than ever, we look for easy and affordable ways to get us by. We try to buy cheap products in the market in hope to save some money. And when it comes to our diet plan, nothing is probably cheaper than apple cider vinegar diet (unless you want to starve yourself).

Alternative medicine practitioners believe that apple cider vinegar has a lot of health benefits. Aside from its more obvious benefit which is to lose weight, it can also be a home remedy for not so serious problems like acne and dandruff. And taking this diet is as easy as eating your dessert. All you have to do is to take no more than three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar before taking any meal (because this solution is of acidic nature, two teaspoon is a good amount, anything more than three is not advisable because its more than what your stomach can handle). Now you might find it hard to take even a single teaspoon at first. But after doing it for a couple of days, you will get used to it. Or if you are really vinegar intolerant, it is best to try the apple cider vinegar diet pills, which is easier to take.

Most medical experts believe that it is not the diet per se that make you lose those extra pounds. The secret lies in moderation of food intake. If you consult an alternative medicine practitioner, he or she would probably tell you to eat in moderate proportions and take time to look at the nutritional structure of the food you eat (you can do this by looking at the food label, although sometimes the ingredients and nutritional facts listed on the label may not reflect the actual ingredients and nutritional value of the food). You would also be asked to have a regular exercise. Now without these, an apple cider vinegar diet alone will not do the trick. On the other hand, eating in moderation coupled with regular exercise may be enough to actually help you maintain a healthy weight, if not lose some of those extra pounds.

The benefits of taking an apple cider vinegar diet may still need some more studies and it is yet to be known whether it is actually fit for a weight loss program. Yet some suggest that a potent combination of acidity in vinegar and the pectin in apples are the two main reasons why those who have tried the diet actually lost weight. It's true that pectin has a proven link with lowering cholesterol, although further tests are still needed to prove that it can also help a person to lose weight.

Taking three teaspoons is enough to make your stomach twitch so it is best to do it with caution. If you must, you can start with one teaspoon and then the moment that you are ready you can try two teaspoons (and eventually three). If this not works for you, then it is only fair to try other diet programs.
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