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When experiencing an anxiety attack, it is difficult to know whether it is something innocent or a real health risk. The following article discusses anxiety and how to deal with it.

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Author: Gen Wright

When the sun seems to cease shining, when the days are darker than nights, when feeling of hope seems to be completely drained, when nothing seems to be going your way and the constant dread looms over your head then you are facing anxiety attacks.

Anxiety is basically the feeling of foreboding which warns the mind of an oncoming danger, trouble or an undesirable happening.

This insight into the future gives us an advantage of preparing for it or devising the means to avoid it. And it is just because of this reason that the feeling of anxiety can be regarded beneficial for us. This fact will be supported by various examples here:

? We won't be crossing the roads carefully if we weren't anxious of avoiding an accident.

? Without being anxious about their performance in the exams, a student would never study with the best of his efforts.

? If we weren't anxious for our well-being than we won't be working each and everyday earning.

What must be noted here is that anxiety ONLY in the right proportion can be beneficial and aid us. When feeling of anxiety heightens it will be accompanied with panic and frenzy. The aftermath of this extreme anxiety would be lack of concentration, fear of failure, apprehension and even phobias and depression.

In the fast-paced world today where each day presents itself in a plate laden with stresses of various sorts, a constant struggle between wanting to achieve more and the need to contend is going on endlessly.

The problems like depression and anxiety have raised much hue and cry. Much money has been spent on solutions like drugs. However, it should be noted carefully here that there are side-effects and adverse and addictive effects of drugs. And so arises the need of some "NATURAL" and harmless cure of this ever-increasing problem of anxiety disorders.

Among the various steps which could be taken for curing or curbing the feeling of anxiety, some of the most fruitful and rewarding are given here for your advantage.

? The first step should be to relax and to analyze the situation looking at the big picture. It should be bored in mind that there are something in life which won't change by worrying over them. You would have to learn to accept and let go of these stuff.

? Stress on the positive points rather than the negatives which the situation has to offer. Always remember the glass half filled would be seen by a pessimist as half empty. A positive approach towards the problems and planning your action would help greatly.

? Learn to relax by doing whatever your mind rates as recreation. this might include listening music, painting, reading, playing etc.

Once you are adept at following these steps, the anxiety attacks can very well be controlled

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For more information on symptoms and treatments, visit Symptom Sleuth, the online resource for self-diagnosis.

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