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The exterior of your home is important for many reasons. Of course, you want your house to look good, but there are also other important considerations. Having a good, solid home exterior is vital to keeping your house in great shape and preventing expensive replacements. Aluminum siding is a popular home exterior covering with many benefits over other types of home exteriors. If you have been thinking of remodeling the exterior of your house, consider the aluminum siding benefits you could realize by installing this widely available material.

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2 . What Is Aluminum Siding?

Many people believe that aluminum siding and vinyl siding are one and the same, but this is not the case. Aluminum siding is, of course, made from aluminum, which is the same lightweight metal used to make soda cans. It has the same appearance as vinyl siding, which is a series of horizontal extruded panels that overlap each other. In fact, it is difficult to tell whether a house has aluminum siding or vinyl siding at a glance.

There are many different types of aluminum siding available on the market. You can find unfinished aluminum siding that can be painted, as well as factory-baked colors and textures in a wide variety of options. The most common size is a length of twelve feet, six inches, but aluminum siding is also available in panels of either 12 by 36 or 12 by 48 inches that simulate cedar shakes, another popular home exterior covering.

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3 . Life Expectancy

Durability is a primary concern for most homeowners. When it comes to aluminum siding, you can expect a good, long life as long as you observe proper care and maintenance. One of the aluminum siding benefits is that it can be expected to last from 40 years to the life of your house. As many homeowners know, the less often you have to replace your home exterior, the better.

Another aluminum siding benefit is that when potential problems develop, you will not usually have to replace the entire exterior. Some of the problems that may develop with aluminum siding include scratches, dents, and corrosion. Most of these can be fixed with sanding and repainting. You can even repair major dents and scratches by removing and replacing the damaged section of your aluminum siding, which is not possible with vinyl siding.

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4 . Looking Good Out There

It is a rare homeowner who does not care what the exterior of their house looks like. Fortunately, aluminum siding looks great on the outside of your home. Since the panels are pre-fabricated to the same sizes and specifications, your house will have a smooth, uniform appearance with aluminum siding. As mentioned before, an aluminum siding benefit is the availability of a wide range of colors and textures, including brighter and bolder colors than you can find with vinyl siding.

Additionally, vinyl siding cannot be painted. Perhaps the best aluminum siding benefit is that you do not have to be stuck with the same color for the life of your house. Unfinished aluminum siding can be painted with any acrylic house paint, and even factory baked aluminum siding can be painted over with different colors to give your home an entirely new appearance, however often you would like.

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