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They just let the soil's nutrients get wasted with the useless grass. Others simply trim down the grasses to a minimum height. But the worst thing they could do is to use artificial grass.

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Lawns are usually a spot with lots of grass. If you have a lawn as part of your house and lot, what will you do with it? Many people do nothing about it. They just let the soil's nutrients get wasted with the useless grass. Others simply trim down the grasses to a minimum height. But the worst thing they could do is to use artificial grass. Artificial grass is put above the soil and while it does lessen the work given that they no longer have to take care of it, they're still wasting good soil. It does look good, but does it pose any use for you? No it doesn't. You need to fully utilize the lawn that you own. How? It's time you learn about gardening. Gardening is the solution you need to further beautify your lawn. Here are some advantages that you can get when you try gardening:

First of all, having many plants planted on your lawn will produce fresher air. You may already have known during your grade school years, though you must have forgotten, about the breathing cycle. Humans, and many other mammals, breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. The plants breathe in the carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. This is the breathing cycle that we have broken by destroying the plants and trees out there to build those buildings and other structures. If your lawn will have many plants, then you'll have fresher air to breathe.

Another advantage of gardening is that it greatly beautifies your lawn as compared to useless grass or the artificial grass. If you planted flowers in your lawn, not only would your lawn look beautiful but it will smell good too. Flowers and trees also invite new inhabitants like the cheerfully chirping birds and the bees. Bees, as you may already know, help in the reproduction of flowers so they are actually useful insects.

If you plan to have fresh fruits and vegetables, you can have it for free just by gardening. Once you plant seeds that would produce fruits and vegetables, you are on your way to a healthier living. When you get those fruits and vegetables, they will surely be fresher and much nutritious than that sold in the market given that you know that you took care of the plants with your best. You can eat those fruits and vegetables and thus, get the nutrients that your body needs. The best part here is that you can share your bounty with your good neighbors.

Gardening gives you these advantages. But you have to maintain its health carefully, as many bad insects will try to infect your garden. You have to do a lot of work in order to maintain your garden, and it will be very hard. But your hard work will soon pay off, especially when you get all these benefits to yourself. A beautiful lawn garden can be envied by your neighbors. By then, you simply have to teach them on how to make their own beautiful lawn garden. Teach them and you'll be helping to create a better world.

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