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Adding cosmetic procedures is a great way to add services to your existing salon or spa. The only way for any salon or spa to stay in business is to constantly evolve.

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Adding cosmetic procedures is a great way to add services to your existing salon or spa. The only way for any salon or spa to stay in business is to constantly evolve. Adding services that are extensions of the services you currently offer is a good way to get started.

Like any plan to expand, start up or remain competitive, it should be put to paper. Adding services and otherwise adding diversity to your salon or spa requires a proper business plan, not just a discussion and some notes on a napkin.

The current economy can challenge any business that depends on revenue derived from discretionary income. Some existing and prospective salon and spa clients will make the decision to spend less or stop visiting the salon or spa altogether. Adding bundled services that cost a little less, keeps the client’s appearance up, and keeps the client coming back should be emphasized in your marketing plan.

Adding additional salon or spa services can mean bringing in additional equipment that will deliver advanced results without adding an additional staff member. Always leverage update machines and procedures to get the most our of your resources.

Every salon and spa should have the resources to afford an expansion. Expanding to add additional services and diversification may not mean you need more square footage. If necessary bring in a space planner to make sure you are using your space efficiently. Consider a campaign to reallocate space for the purpose of bringing in additional services.

For some salons and spas, adding services may not be possible. Most salons and spas are not open seven days a week or extended hours. If your salon or spa can extend your business hours you will increase your bottom line.

Adding services like a day care center for the children, parents or even pets of your clients will enhance the services of your salon or spa. In addition to a retail store to sell products used in the salon or spa, consider a catalogue store or a lunch service.

When you add services, products and other enhancements to your salon or spa, make sure you update your website. Consider printing your website out on paper and offer your printed site to each client. Be prepared to verbalize to each client how your web site will enhance his or her service, appearance or lifestyle.

When you add a service or product make sure your clients know as much about that addition as possible. Consider launching the product or service with a special reception that may include promotional attire or salon decorations or some kind of bonus to lure them in.

Find out what your counterparts in Europe and Asia are offering their clients and adjust the product or service for your market. Keeping informed and having an informed staff and clientele will generate additional income. Creating diversification inside your salon or spa should be done with a product or service that your customer, if not given the opportunity, would leave your salon or spa and purchase elsewhere.

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